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Blame lizkay for most of this...

...I just did the web-coding for it. Admittedly, I'm rather proud of the results, and felt like sharing it with folks out there. I think it should work under all major browsers, but it does rely on CSS so your mileage may vary widely. =^.^=

Gryphon Builder v1.1

A total of four files and just under 110kb total. Yes, four files. Powered by CSS Sprites primarilly, with a drag-and-drop script from elsewhere and a lot of my own code to do the CSS Sprite animation.

v2.0 is planned to provide a way to download your resulting image, so you can color it with whatever tools you're most comfortable with. No sense trying to write a painting program when much better ones already exist. BTW, anyone out there see anything wrong with the code I wrote? I'm thinking about using this as a portfolio piece to demonstrate my abilities perhaps.

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