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June 14th, 2002
June 14th, 2002
June 14th, 2002
June 14th, 2002
June 14th, 2002

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Well... sitting here at the Pasadena office again...

I love this job... or loathe it, depending on the moment.

Anyways... saw Nyssa again yesterday between work and babysitting for her. Was nice. Was... interesting. I'm starting to get a glimmer of understanding for her... which is good. And finding she's more complex the more you look. Which is also good. But it means I really, despite any former thoughts to the contrary, don't really know her all that well. Which isn't so good, as I'd like to.

And no, not just so I can beat you at Shinai eventually, hon. >^.-<

In other news... doing finances, looking like I could afford a car in about 18 months if I work at it, including current obligations, assuming there's not a no-work drought for several months in the middle there. Must... Gain... Transportation...

Though I doubt I'll have insurance at first, sadly. That might have to fraggin' wait till I'm 25 to be able to afford it. Still, will give me even more time to save up cash to buy it with, which is definately good.

Eventually... I'll have one, which hopefully will give me enough mobility to get to a better, more regular job. At that point, I have a good vicious circle forming, one that lets me get more money the more I move around, in a way. Which I can live with, at least long enough to save up more cash.

Maybe then... in about 6 or 7 years from now, I can scrape up enough, assuming I don't blow my credit rating out my ass, to get a house. That'll be nice. Living somewhere I own, instead of renting all the time. >-.-< Beyond that, who the hell knows? Hell, who really knows in 6 or 7 years if I'll make it that far? After 9-11, I have a harder time taking a lot of long-range views seriously. Though I'm working on that...

Though, somewhere in all that, I need to work on playing my guitar, and practicing on the drums again, along with building a fursuit while I'm at it. That's a little more down-the-road though than I make it sound, all of those are in the 18-month range before I'm 'finished and gone' with them. :-)

Anyways, take care, all. *hugs*

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