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June 27th, 2007
June 27th, 2007
June 27th, 2007
June 27th, 2007
June 27th, 2007

[User Picture]09:20 pm - Anyone else out there get fed up with wires?
Also, as a lot of computer-techs know, it's getting harder and harder to get laptops with 'legacy ports' on them, in particular Serial ports.

USB-Serial adapters don't work because of the near-universal lack of Break signalling. So you can't use them to configure Cisco routers or many phone systems.

So how about one step newer... what about bluetooth?

Turns out... yup, that's the ticket.

BlueConsole specializes in making fully-compliant, cross-platform adapters that can (usually) self-power from the serial lines themselves. And here's the punchline: They have a pair of studs on the outside of the case to let you plug a standard 9V battery on if you need battery power.

And by cross-platform, I mean it. Palm-pilot/Treo, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Linux, Mac OS/X, standard Windows XP/Vista, whatever. Yay for bluetooth!5 commentsLeave a comment

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