WolfWings ShadowFlight (wolfwings) wrote,
WolfWings ShadowFlight

Geezus... I'm glad I live in a remote corner of the city.

Was helping a friend with on their car this afternoon, before I started hearing the screams from down the street.

I... well, I always knew my Jeep was more durable than most, but apparently the transfer case held up to all the hell I just put it through. If I survive this, I'll probably need to replace it, but between it's off-road ability and sheer pushing power I managed to get clear of Kansas City on an interstate, and found a gas station over by Weldon just into Iowa that was deserted. I'm not one for breaking the law... but fuck it, if I survive this they can bill me for the damn windows.

If it wasn't for my cell-phone I wouldn't even be able to post this, I'm now somehow the lead truck, with a beat-up El Camino and a rusted-out Ford trailing behind me in a makeshift convoy. That'll probably change if Google Maps finally keels over dead. Barely made it out of town, four of us among three vehicles. Right now we're just gonna keep runnin' north until we run out of vehicles, road, what-ever... I'm food/bedding/whatever, the other two divied things up somehow.

Okay, they just finished filling up the last gas tank, time to hit the road again. Wish us luck...
Tags: zombies
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