WolfWings ShadowFlight (wolfwings) wrote,
WolfWings ShadowFlight

Grr... worst 'upgrade' ever, Nintendo.

I was enjoying Mario Party 8.

Until the owner of the system/game went in and unlocked/purchased the 'Heckling Voices' upgrade, and proceeded to make Wario (his usual character) more-or-less chant/scream "Ha-Ha, Losers!" and other similair things non-stop for the first five minutes of the next game.

I walked away, threw down my personal controller in disgust on a chair as I passed. Apparently I shut the Wii off when I did that, but I just don't care. Worst upgrade ever, and no way to disable it once you get it.

I was planning to buy a Wii and a copy of that game myself, but now I'd honestly be too worried about some dipship sneaking in and purchasing that 'upgrade' and making me have to reset the entire game data periodically just to shut it the hell back off to want to waste my funds.

And I won't be playing it again in any case, since Nintendo didn't even put in any sort of a limit to how often you can 'taunt/heckle' in MP8 either. Once in a'while, like if you're the victor at a minigame getting more aggressive taunt-phrases with that option enabled, sure. But constantly being able to spam the damn things? Hell no.
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