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June 13th, 2002
June 13th, 2002
June 13th, 2002
June 13th, 2002
June 13th, 2002

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Had, in my opinion, an absolutely wonderful evening after a really, really crappy day.

Started off as planned, woke up nice and early at the ass-crack of dawn, got ready to go, and went along with Mark to work. Got to Pasadena. Sat down at the computer to let Mark handle a meeting, which was why we were there so early.

Then, get asked to help move a couple phone lines inside the office building we're in, by the office building managers. Of course, we say "Sure, we can do that!" and off we go to, well, do that.

Then, thank you, morons, someone manages to cut THE power main for the ENTIRE FUCKING BLOCK when we're half-way done. As in, I'm walking down the stairwell, then open the door to the bottom-floor parking (Faster than the elevators) to... pitch black. Even with my night vision, it was pretty dark on the lower parking level.

Needless to say, things took a while. We finally got the frag out of there, and headed over to get the phone system we needed to install.

More delays, the forklift had, of all things, a backfire, which made it lurch, which made one single, tiny crate bounce around and out of the pile.
The T-1 Interface card for the phone system.

So, time to hunt up another T-1 card later, we're out. At this point though, we find it's too late to install this phone system, which was meant to happen about... 4-5 hours ago at this point. *sigh*

So, I racked up nice hours, for essentially sitting on my ass, and not getting a god damn thing done.

Oh well.

But... that's not all! love_hate_rape came over again today! Yay! And there was much rejoicing! And fuck the damn world, I'm enjoying my time with Nyssa. We wandered over to the park nearby, and curled up on the grass to chat and nuzzle a little. Or try to at least. Poor Nyssa got eaten alive along her knees by bugs. (Thigh-high-ish socks, shorts, leaves an unusual stretch of skin to get bitten. :-)

So, back to the wolf-cave! Much Gold Bond creme was gone through, as was a good hot-water-washclothing of the now-semi-inflamed legs. The swelling went down quite quickly between the Gold Bond and the sapping out of the toxins though.

Okay, that's out. So, curl up on the couch instead, snuggle quietly there since we're inside, and one pretty much has to sit in the other's lap to be able to watch the TV from the touch. No, not like that, perverts! *lightly thwaps deserving viewers* Clothes were on, folks. :-)

Other than that, went out to In-n-Out, snagged food between us, came back, found folks were watching an episode of Sherlock Holmes, watched that, had a nice, warm, long shower, pulled out the futon, and curled up on it, though obviously we're both snuggly so snuggling and such took place off-and-on during the evening between dozing off.

Nyssa's one of the extremely rare people that I can curl up around and not instantly overheat, I've found.

Anyways, Nyssa wandered off this morning, just a couple minutes ago. Hope she has a good day at work. >^.^< And if I forgot anything, or she just wants to, she can fill in the details, but I'll leave details in her more-capable hands. :-)

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