WolfWings ShadowFlight (wolfwings) wrote,
WolfWings ShadowFlight

Made it...

...I appear to be entirely intact, aside from some lingering muscle-ache from around 36 hours spent in a vehicle. Minor 'Oh Crap!' when I found out at the last minute that a stretch of Interstate 70 is a freakin' toll road, something I still disagree with. It shouldn't be an interstate unless it gets federal funding, and it shouldn't get federal funding if it's not an entirely public road. And I don't consider toll roads public.

Anyways... sorry I didn't get the messages from you friends near the I-15/I-70 interchange, if I had I'd have eagerly broken my trip into three segments instead of two. Sorry. =-.-=

Here's to hoping I can come out and visit you all another time, I'm sure I'll pass through that way again on the way to FC or something. =^.^=

But long story short: Aside from feeling like I was in an amateur video attempt at a WRC Snow Special Stage when coming down into Denver (Yay for Jeep's with locked center diff's and snow tires?) since I was the only one willing to use the center lane. Everyone else was riding with one tire on the 'buzzy strip' on either the inside or outside edge coming in, but me and of all things a red Ford Probe were blazing right down the middle neatly, passing all the locals going 45 in the weather by going 50.
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