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August 4th, 2006
August 4th, 2006
August 4th, 2006
August 4th, 2006
August 4th, 2006

[User Picture]10:23 am - And the laptop is shiny and happy now...
...finally got most of the last 'fiddly bits' working under Linux. Feels good to finally have everything fully converted to 64-bit.

SD card-reader works. Like the majority of users, I don't have any xD, or any of Sony's propietary format cards, and neither do any Linux devs working on code for internal card-readers it appears. That alone says volumes to me as to who's winning the format wars there, and once again it's not Sony.

Can use my cell-phone as dial-up GPRS internet.

Screensaver just shuts off the screen entirely, and when I'm on battery it automatically kicks everything down as low as it can (1/3rd speed both the CPU and GPU) to save power.

Hibernate and all that shiny goodness work, and unlike Windows it doesn't force me to save out a 2GB file if I'm only using 100MB of RAM, so Hibernate is speedy and useful instead of being glacial and pointless.

3D graphics work. Call it minor or obvious, but I've learned not to take anything for granted with trying to get it working in 64-bit mode. :-)

WiFi/Bluetooth work. I can sync my cell-phone phonebook, though I'm still experimenting with what software to do that with until I find the one I like best.

What's left?

Getting the Volume Up/Down/Mute buttons working. I just need to sort out how to get it all working, minor hastle really and questionably useful since the only thing I'd use it for is muting MPlayer if I get a phone call.

Finish setting up Bluetooth profiles for a handsfree kit so I can download my voice-mails through my cell-phone. Might experiment with running the downloads through non-realtime voice-recognition transcription programs to build summaries.1 commentLeave a comment

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