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June 21st, 2006
June 21st, 2006
June 21st, 2006
June 21st, 2006
June 21st, 2006

[User Picture]04:08 pm - Well I'm thankful I payed for the extra warrenty.
Though amusingly nothing I've done so far affects my coverage, nor does it count against parts I can get replaced at least once in the warrenty of the laptop either.

At just two months shy of the one-year anniversary I've now, through no subterfuge or fault of my own, had the following replaced on my laptop due to a defect that HP owned up to:

Entire screen due to failed hinges and a screen-module that is bonded closed at the manufacturing line so you have to replace the entire thing when the hinges fail. ~$400 to get it replaced out-of-warrenty.
The Li-Ion battery was left at the repair center on accident, they verified that, and are shipping me a new battery. $180 to buy another at retail.
And they replaced the lower case shell because the battery-latch mechanism didn't pass muster. This part is a $20 component to order out-of-warrenty, so it's unsurprising they'd replace it.

And I officially had a Case Management Worker (one of the folks sitting in a small office of cubicles over here in the states, lady had a nice southern accent without being hard to understand at all) tell me the same thing the sales rep did just under a year ago: My, that's a strange configuration for that laptop.

Specifically, I maxxed out the battery (8 hours), RAM (2GB), and CPU (2.0Ghz), and got the SD/MMC/MS/SM/XD integrated flash-media slot. I didn't upgrade the screen for $10, as the hi-gloss screen is much harder to see in direct sunlight. I didn't upgrade the hard drive for $50, as I purge frequently and the smallest drive was the only 4200RPM drive so it saves power. And I opted out of the DVD-RW ($50), instead sticking with the CD-RW/DVD-ROM option as I have no interest in recording DVD's and CD's are much cheaper still. So skimming over the longest-title items on her screen, the CD-RW drive in particular and satin-finish screen usually indicate their bottom-rung laptop model, the RAM amount and CPU speed and battery size are a total of seven letters spread across three lines, so they just don't jump out and warn them as easilly. =^.^=

So... now to get Linux re-installed properly and relax until my new battery shows up. In the meantime, I'm stuck to a power cable. =-.-=1 commentLeave a comment

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