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June 16th, 2006
June 16th, 2006
June 16th, 2006
June 16th, 2006
June 16th, 2006

[User Picture]05:59 am - I'm alive!
I'd say I'm thriving, albeit busy every day whenever I'm awake.

Was busy dodging the heat of the day while clearing a bunch of outside rubbish to make room for an RV arriving, that's here now though so I'm able to focus more on inside stuff. I've started scrubbing the floor in the bird room about 50 square feet a day. Seems a good boundary between making myself sore, giving the birds something to stare at and watch, and actually over-exciting them. Also removed numerous innoperative pieces of equipment from the room, I hope to clean and repair them over the next week.

Also finished tearing down and scrubbing the main cooking-area fridge entirely. We've moved everything from the guest-trailer fridge over to that fridge now, my next target fridge is the drinks storage one. Once that's cleared of 'debris' I can start re-organizing both fridges to properly put all the 'needed while at the stove' stuff in one, and everything else in the other one to help organize foot-traffic to and from and through the kitchen.

The 'temporary' network cable is still in place, need to contact Sy about having him ship out a box of gel-filled outdoor-rated direct-burial Cat5E cable, and finish digging the trench to install the conduit into just to over-engineer the primary network line to the house completely. The interior layout reconfiguration I've begun seems to be meeting with everyone's approval, though I may swap the game-room AP and the front-room mini-HUB as it would be easier to run permenant cabling in the game-room directly to the 16-port house switch possibly.

Once the tertiary chest-style deep-freezer shows up, I'll transfer and defrost the primary deep-freezer, cycle everything back, then move the tertiary one by the secondary one to repeat the process before the tertiary one is permenantly installed in it's final location. I fully expect to find things in both current deep-freezers dating back to the 90's, if the 2 pounds of (thankfully sealed) packages of bacon I found in the fridge so far is anything to go by.

Laptop got sent of today finally to get the hinges repaired. Should be back next Wednesday, free replacement screen that doesn't count towards my warrenty since it was a manufacturer's defect that the hinges failed in the first place, woo! Now here's hoping they don't 'upgrade' my screen to the hi-gloss version that you can't see in direct sunlight. :-P

Need to finally unpack the chainsaw-trimmer and finish chopping up the tree branches thick enough for doing wood-carvings with, and start measuring the length of stout wood I got to start trimming it to length for a walking stave. And find some place to get a small block of copper to machine an end-cap out of I think.

Secondary task is to finish installing Linux on the old K6-350 and configure it to act as a fax server, presenting all incoming faxes over a web-interface via Samba. Kinda goofy and wasteful, I know, but there's PEBKAU reasons for this design decision. That should save a couple hundred dollars a year by itself, and allow the fax/copier to possibly be set up as a network printer for use from the gaming room for things like character sheets.

I think that about covers it for the next two weeks... obviously I'm not at AnthroCon this week. =^.^=1 commentLeave a comment

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