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January 26th, 2006
January 26th, 2006
January 26th, 2006
January 26th, 2006
January 26th, 2006

[User Picture]06:08 pm - Finally back from FC...
Good con. Had a very long talk with mira_fastfire about our relationship, or more specifically our lack of progress on one due to the physical distance and rarity of seeing each other in person, along with her current work with another Dom and relationship links that were much more physically local. We're both taking a step back, as my goal this year is to get myself financially secure and stable enough to move into my own place on my own with no room-mates, though perhaps house-mates. (The difference being a house-mate has their own room to themselves. It matters.)

So... this is something of my make-or-break year.

Because of that, despite having it suggested I apply for the Events Lead position with Further Confusion for 2007, I'm going to stick to simply Social Events Lead, basically in charge of DJs and the dances and the like. The side of A/V that interacts with the people providing audio for us to play, essentially, much like FCTV interacts with the people providing video for us to play primarilly. It's one of those hard-to-classify positions that I can thankfully deal with mostly remotely, though I do intend to head up to the bay area for as many of the meetings as I can manage.

In lieu of this, I've re-assessed my current car situation. My mom's 1986 Jeep Comanche with more towing gear than most fire trucks is going to Catalina, it looks like, so we're rebuilding the engine and tranny fully before shipping it out. This means that it's unlikely to ever set foot on the mainland again, so I'm down to one car to drive regularly, my 1986 Corolla FX. The rings are failing, and the cost to really rebuild the beast would be somewhat high.

So... between that and the fact I can't quite break 30mpg in the Corolla no matter what I do, I'm doing the following:

Shifting back to nearly full-time work with Securitas. I'm going to only get 2 additional days for 4 days a week total, so I can grab off shifts when needed and retain at least one weekend and one weekday day completely to myself. I doubt I'll end up with a three-day 'weekend' but I may, which would be nice. This will bring my income back up painlessly.

Next issue is locating a more reliable vehicle, since I can't drive our 1980's Porsche 944 around as a daily driver, even if it does get 30mph. So... back to the Civic Plan™ I guess, I just don't like the Corolla that much compared to the Civic, and I get the feeling there are numerous problems waiting to crop up on the Corolla. It's never had a 'strong' powertrain, only a strong body, and that is showing signs of damage as well, so I have no reason to keep it at this point beyond the fact it's almost my only car now.

On a side-note... if I met you at FC, say hi! I want to make sure I didn't miss anyone. =^.^=16 commentsLeave a comment

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