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October 26th, 2005
October 26th, 2005
October 26th, 2005
October 26th, 2005
October 26th, 2005

[User Picture]02:28 pm - Many months late...
...but a friend loaned me a copy of Doom 3 w/ expansion pack.

And apparently my laptop that practically dies trying to run Second Life even at 640x480 can cheerfully run Doom3 at 30fps@640x480 with everything but antialiasing and shadows turned on, as long as I don't set the texture resolution too high. More proof the Second Life graphics coders don't know their ass from a teakettle, I'm afraid.

Now various random noise for numerous people:

catwoman69y2k? Listen to fierycatthing about your web page. She's a very good artist with some very good knowledge between her ears on website stuff.

fierycatthing and dour? I'll pop the question here again, anything you two still need that you think I can help with? Or am I more-or-less in the 'someone to talk to, but not much else' category after losing track of getting you the computer among so many other things I fell through on to numerous other people these last couple months?

mira_fastfire, I love you. =^.^= And give theassassinnox a hug for me when you see her next.

And theassassinnox? Post updated pictures of finwood once you get the dreads finished and attached, please? :-)7 commentsLeave a comment

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