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April 1st, 2005
April 1st, 2005
April 1st, 2005
April 1st, 2005
April 1st, 2005

[User Picture]09:13 am - Well... might as well update about my car for a change...
...and the simply-and-cheap plans I have for it.

As a few folks know, I now own a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST, albeit one with a burnt-out turbo so it's more anemic than my Civic ever was since it's expecting the extra pressure from the turbocharger, and it's just not there so it can't make much torque or horsepower.

Immediate costs looming are... $1600 owed to talesin to pay off the car itself, on hold with his okay so I can pay the $600 or so to get a couple outstanding leaks fixed before they can cause any problems. So... if I don't miss any work and keep pulling in $720 paychecks, I'll have everything payed off in... about 3 months.

After that, another month spent just saving cash so I have a buffer again.

Then, 'fun' starts. Well... semi-fun. The turbo will still not be repaired unless I find a truly pressing need for it. I'll start decorating the car, though, as I just flat-out don't like red sports cars, which is what it is, in all honesty. After discussing it with various folks, and figuring out the plans in more detail... CamoClad is what I'll be doing the entire body up in, head to toe. First, painting the red panels an earthy brown or green to act both as an undercoat, so I don't have flecks of red shining through whenever I open the doors or what-not. Then the CamoClad goes on. And then I get it airbrushed to break up the repeating pattern. And then I start paying artists to do one-off details like squirrels and such-not peeking out of the camo pattern.

So, no, it's no mini-APC like my Civic plans were, but it's something fun to do, and when I'm done I think it'll look neat. Or at least unique. =^.^=2 commentsLeave a comment

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