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February 28th, 2005
February 28th, 2005
February 28th, 2005
February 28th, 2005
February 28th, 2005

[User Picture]09:13 pm - Well... the car is either totalled...
...or primed for having the entire body rebuilt at once.

Both doors work. They still open and close cleanly, though the driver's side has some serious road-rash and the handle itself is mangled a little. Hell, both windows still roll up and down fairly smoothly.

The hood itself opens and closes easilly.

The radiator fan spins freely.

The radiator has some minor dings and blunt-trama from tree limbs, and likely needs to be replaced as a pre-emptive measure if I keep the car.

But... the most surprising thing...

...the motor still runs. As in, turns over, runs, the stick-shift still changes gears, and the steering wheel turns.

If it still can start tommorow morning... I may take a hacksaw to the roof, and hire a tow-truck to take it to somewhere to get a roll-cage and some kind of weld-in windshield installed.

But, as I promised talesin, he gets final say on what to do with the car, since I'm too emotionally attached to it to give it up. Annoyingly, I can't even get my license plates back, despite them being personalized plates and transferrable to another car... I'm goint to hit DMV tommorow and see if I can get the paperwork both to transfer the title to the tow-yard, AND unattach the damn license plates from that car. I'm not going to give up the fucking plates I just payed $65 for a couple of months ago.5 commentsLeave a comment

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