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December 31st, 2004
December 31st, 2004
December 31st, 2004
December 31st, 2004
December 31st, 2004

[User Picture]10:18 am - God damn fucking squirrels...
Slid out coming home. Was behind a car on an offramp so no, I wasn't going fast at all. 405 North, Brookhurst North, 30mph turn, was going 25-30 and it had started raining (light mist, the worst rain type for driving) when a squirrel decided to end it's life by diving between me and Mr. Eggshell Generic Midsized Car.

Bad reflexes I do possess include trying to dodge a foreign object coming at the side of my car suddenly.

On the wide left turn, I made a sudden sharp right, lost traction on... I think only the front wheels, interestingly. I was able to 'rudder' the car back straight, but then I hit a 'thump' and the back end slid out the OTHER way, pointing me out towards the outer edge of the curve again without enough room to get back on the road.

So, squirrel got his wish, I went off the embankment, slid down the ice-plant on my passenger-side, at the 75-degree section of the embankment the car slipped off the wheels entirely at which point I sat back, released the steering wheel, killed the engine, and covered my face with my arms and ducked, expecting the car to roll over onto it's roof, all the glass to implode, and me to end up stuck that way, wishing I'd had time to drop the seat back first.

Car _did_ roll very neatly onto it's roof... and it didn't even buckle the roof, just slid along quietly, caught the dirt ditch just before the fence with the driver-side, which stopped that part, and basically rolled the car almost vertical again, at which point I 'sat down' as hard as I could, and a moment later the car was... well, trying to be upright again, all the glass intact (even the already-cracked windshield took no further damage) dropped up on all four wheels on the chain-link fence.

About 90 minutes later, the car was winched backwards along the fence until it 'drove down' itself onto the dirt, then power-assisted back onto the road.

Total damage? Shitloads of iceplant wedged in EVERY orifice, including a wad I shot out of the exhaust pipe when I turned over the engine. And both front quarter-panels and the front 'hood latch cover' panel took a beating, but other than that the car is actually unharmed as near a I can tell. Still drives very straight, still shifts as smooth a ever... I blame it on the fact the car weighs about 1200lbs total, and the roll was very slow, and onto a very cushioning substance.

On a side-note... just found the stack of XMas cards folks had sent me... And I have to ask, dingo? Is that virtual mistletoe redeemable? =^.^=

Sorry, I'm just a little desperate for some humour right about now. But at least the squirrel is dead... or I saw the bloody tail, so if it's not dead I'm awfully surprised and think it's about to die. So someone got their wish, apparently.

And electricgecko? I'm going to be at FC, by hook, crook, or other insane method. No matter what. =^.^=21 commentsLeave a comment

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