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December 19th, 2004
December 19th, 2004
December 19th, 2004
December 19th, 2004
December 19th, 2004

[User Picture]03:25 am - Okay... I'll keep this short.
A friend just got a new car.

His old car was only worth $200 to the dealership.

So, I got them to wait before getting rid of it.

Anyone (arylkia and Si? Or have the truck problems been cleared up?) want a Toyota Corolla (A.K.A. Levin) for around that amount? It runs fine, only problem is that is has some kind of slow leak in the coolant system. It's a manual transmission, and a good car with very easy, sharp shifting. I don't have the mileage handy, but I'm posting this wide-open to draw in nibbles, or get outside input on this...

If nobody else claims it, I'll be looking into snagging it until I find someone else to get it. I don't need three cars, and unfortunately the Levin/Corolla is the only car I don't have a very deep-seated reason to keep that goes far beyond monetary ones.

BTW, drewkitty? I got your message, I'm just too all-fired busy between keeping my job and saving up for FC to return your calls, since right now it's a 2-hour drive to and from where I'm staying, so I get to work for 8, drive for 4, and sleep most of the rest. I'm at-post (or just awake) between 10pm and 6am pretty much every day, feel free to hit my cell-phone from midnight to 4am with abandon, or a little before or after that if you don't mind me putting the phone down with near-zero notice when something comes up I have to deal with. I do have the money for you though, all of it, in one lump sum. And I'll be doing the homework over Monday/Tuesday, to post Wednesday evening.10 commentsLeave a comment

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