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September 20th, 2004
September 20th, 2004
September 20th, 2004
September 20th, 2004
September 20th, 2004

[User Picture]08:58 pm - Okay, I'm officially a screwball.
First, car status...

Need to get the rear passenger-side wheel well hammered back out again, but that can wait. I 'flattened' the edge (it was already rounded, but had 'bowed out' from the collission) so it won't damage the tires until I can hand the car to Patrick when he goes into welding class next semester and agreed to take on the car as a 'shop project' for me, also to remove the rear windows and replace with internally-latched 'covers' so I can mount gear inside and access it from outside. Basically, nothing that complicated, and pretty ideal for someone taking welding class to have for practice. =^.^=

Oh, and the car seems to be getting still-insane MPG values, especially when I'm (ab)using 4th gear on this tank of gas. It's easilly going to be able to get to the bay area on a tank of gas, though getting back will take another fill from the looks of things until I can get the 4th gear from the 5-speed 'HF' series of Civic which will limit the top speed in 4th gear to around 75-85, but push MPG up well over 40MPG. So, yeah, I'll have a 3-speed transmission with overdrive, more or less.

Next, randomly-aquired job status...

Still working Labor Ready when my body will allow it. Going to look into Allied Security, and a couple of Limo/Courier Driver jobs as soon as I get the insurance and registration sorted out on my car. (Right now, the 'dead person' has insurance on it still, until I get a probate form filled out and submitted, then I can get insurance for the car. Don't ask.)

Finally, the real 'meat' of this post.

I've somehow aquired the job of being in charge of Cabaret/Fur le Dance for CaliFur next year. So, um... anyone out there interested in dancing next year? I'm still before the point of even knowing what kind of stage layout we'll have, but I'd like to start hunting for dancers earlier, rather than latter. As the website says, it'll be May 20th-23rd in Costa Mesa, CA, at the Holiday Inn. Beyond that, nobody knows much more just yet. But if you want to dance, or know someone that wants to dance (and erotic/topless/nude/costumed/live steel swords/whatever-the-hell dances are okay too, this isn't a competition or a judged event, it's a charity function) please point them to this post. The earlier they poke at me, the more they can comment on the setup and process, so if they want to do something strange or off the wall, I can attempt to accomidate them.4 commentsLeave a comment

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