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August 26th, 2004
August 26th, 2004
August 26th, 2004
August 26th, 2004
August 26th, 2004

[User Picture]08:57 pm - At least it runs...
Right now, it doesn't do much of anything at all else, but the engine (from poking under the hood and examining the major components) is in marvelous shape, and the transmission is (currently) in good condition as is the frame itself.

Unfortunately, that's about ALL that's in good shape. But damnit... this car Is Not Going To Die.

So, to make sure that doesn't happen... I have to do all the following, roughly in order unless someone out there thinks something is more or less important than I'm making it:

Buy a muffler and install it. (Priority issue, needed to pass smog.)
Double-change the engine oil and filter with a tank of detergent additive-added high-octane gas run through the engine between changes. (Priority issue to improve emissions to help pass smog.)
Adjust the idle higher. (Smog. Adjust down afterwards. Easy to do, pop distributor cap, adjustment is made inside.)
Replace the catalytic converter. (Possibly needed to pass smog, have to research lifetime for those on this model.)
Change the transmission/differential oil.
Replace the air filter, because the car was sitting for so damn long.
Replace the Main and Auxiliary fuel filters, because the fuel previously in the tank had sat so long it was decomposing badly.
Drain, flush, refill, and finally go over the radiator with a pair of tweezers and patience to clean out debris.
Check the clutch adjustments and wear.
Replace all brake-pads and refill the brake fluid levels.
Replace the center-mount rear-view mirror. (It doesn't stay centered, too easy to turn to the left, or tilt down. Should be cheap and easy to unbolt the existing one and bolt a new one onto the existing mast.)
Check and adjust the shocks.
Get a four-wheel alignment performed on the car.
Strip out all the panelling in the car, along with the back seats and back cargo matting and carpet, as it's ancient to the point of disaster, and needs to be reupholstered badly. This has the side-effect of allowing ready access to the air vents, so they can be disassembled and cleared, since the vents have a direct-flow path from the base of the hood throughout the front area of the car that I'm really damn sure is clogged beyond recognition.

The one 'ASAP when convenient' fix I need to do takes a bit of explaining, as I also want direct input from others on this aspect. Tires are one of the most fundamental aspects of the car, and the one place this car is SEVERELY lacking.

I intend to replace the rims, one of the few (if not the only) performance-related change to make to the car, since I need to replace the tires regardless very soon, and the rims are worn-out and possibly getting surface corrosion.

Current target is a speed-rating of T or better, as the highest speed the car seems able to obtain is around 105-110 before vibration, so if the rest of the car is adjusted the maximum speed obtainable by the car could exceed S. I do not intend to risk my driving record street-racing, but I very much believe in having parts that all match on their extreme limits, so no single part is a 'weakest link' in the mechanism.

Ideally, I'd like to get AA-rating traction, but I know that realistically that would be far too expensive unless I can find a store that stocks the full-center-groove tires that are essentially double-tires built into one piece of vulcanized rubber. Full-groove tires would be something I'd actually like to get, to be honest.

Another 'ideal factor' I'd like to do would be to get tired rated for B-grade temperature, since I do live in a desert and not Michigan, so temperatures can get higher than other locales during the summer, as can the asphalt.

If it doesn't make it cost a bajillion dollars, I'll try to find any size of A-rated traction, B-rated temperature, full-groove 'double' tires sized much wider than the 'stock' tires, with rims able to hold them. I don't really give a damn about rim diamater, though if I end up getting 'large' rims so I need to get 'thinner' tires, I'll probably try to locate solid-core or runflat tires since I've already given up most of the 'cushioning' effect a larger tire can provide, so I might as well maximize structural integrity of the tire.

I have no intention of getting different tires on the front from the back, so all four tires will be identical. I'll also be replacing the 'compact' spare with a fifth full-sized spare, even if it means losing most of the rear cargo space.

[Edit: As a side-note, I may end up buying uni-directional tires. If I do, I do so fully knowing that it means I'll need to buy two spare tires, but I despise 'compact' spares, and intend to avoid them even if it ends up costing more.]3 commentsLeave a comment

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