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August 24th, 2004
August 24th, 2004
August 24th, 2004
August 24th, 2004
August 24th, 2004

[User Picture]04:10 pm - Thoughts leading nowhere...
...namely I've been poking at this site that details an interesting 'electric motor' layout that basically has the outer shell of an electric motor rotate, instead of the inner unit, so the mechanism can be mounted inside a wheel, somewhat akin to building an electric differential instead of a mechanical one.

And I started doing the math and running numbers as I have a habit of doing...

And I realized that the smaller wheel, the 350, could obtain 120mph safely.

So I totalled up the power consumption for such a beast.

And it's only 40kw if you want 3 tons nominal weight capacity (5 tons maximum), with two of the 350's, mounted one in front and one in back for a total of four electric motors directly driving four wheels.

In a package that would weigh approximately 375lbs for the four-wheel, 40kw version.

So I started looking around... and ran into my one 'stumbling block' of sorts. Most methods of generating 40kw are rather... abnormally sized. In raw volume, they're more than small enough, but they're in very obnoxious sizes, as they're usually generators intended for backup use, mounted to fixed mounts, or occasionally set up on towable mini-trailers.

And my 'stumbling block' in all this, is that I can't track down anywhere that explains what kind of HP I'd need to crank out 80kw of power, though I found a vague reference in a 10kw generator powered by an 18hp engine. If that holds, that would be approximately 75hp for 40kw, which sounds reasonable, but something I'm simply unsure how to investigate or verify further.

And if that proved accurate and true, suddenly a very evil design idea for a mid-engine, 4WD 'sports car' comes to mind, based on these things.

As for my purpose researching all this... none, really, just curiosity if a 'sports car' based on electric motors would be do-able, if you were targetting performance instead of fuel effeciency.

That, and it would be fun to have a vehicle rated for 5 tons loaded capacity, that was still able to drive at 120mph, running solely on a 75hp engine at it's core. :-)0 commentsLeave a comment

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