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April 13th, 2002
April 13th, 2002
April 13th, 2002
April 13th, 2002
April 13th, 2002

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*sighs softly*

Lots on my mind today...

Unsure where to begin for a change though...

Found an interesting game. RoboForge is a game where, literally, you build a robot from scratch components, outfit it with rudimentary programming, and let it go BattleBots-style against another creation.

Costs twenty US bucks.

They have a 'limited use' SoftWrapped version, or a crippled, but fully free demo version.

The game itself is actually a Java application. As in, the 'protected' executable is nothing more than a loader for the Java component itself, calling an included copy of a Java Runtime Environment to load and run the actual game.

Anyone see a security problem with protecting what is, essentially, a compiled batch file that calls the main, unsecured program?

Though, I'll give them credit, the 'locked' executable is needed, the program stores a couple tables or such there, and refuses to load if the executable doesn't exist.

But a quick bit of typing and using the Windows Task Manager by itself let me 'port' this fun game to Linux in... about 30 seconds. No protections, no limitations, just the obvious inability to play in the 'official league' tournaments that require a registration key to access on-line.

Now... should I feel good for getting a program to run on a different operation system than the one it was intended for? Or bad for breaking the copy protection? Or do I get to meet some lawyers for breaking access-control systems that, frankly, are childishly immature by today's standards?

And in other news... now that I'm finally getting a chance to read LiveJournal again, I'll not have a chance to read any further from Stars' Pyre ever again.

I wish I knew what to say... except this, quite frankly, hit me like a Calico M950 to the gut. Painful, unending, and viciously. I know it's a very old subject to some... but forgive me. I understand September 11th on a new level now, the level of those on the west coast waking up to have a cup of coffee... only to turn on the television to see their entire world, quite literally, collapse.

I never understood what that was like before now.

I was scheduled to take a plane out of JFK airport late Sept. 11th/early Sept.12th.

I flew into JFK wearing a leather jacket, carrying two knives, and a utility knife holstered, quite literally, on my shoulder strap outside my jacket.

To say I have a... different and unpopular opinion of the actions taken since that date... is a bit of an understatement.

To say that I have new-found understanding for some of them, might be another understatement.

And speaking of the Calico M950, go find one. Examine it in minute detail. Much as Glock is the Tupperware of firearms, the Calico series, as short-lived as it has been, is the Rubbermaid of firearms. Massive storage that will last indefinately, so long as it's taken care of.

Still... on other news, I have some new code to finish writing for a MUCK I'm spending a bit more time on, Alfandria. And yes, I consider building rooms coding. :-)

I guess I've actually said most of my piece now. Take care, all. And Stars' Pyre? Enjoy the other side, for while I didn't know you long, and I may have taken you off whatever virtual friends list LiveJournal provides, I still like to consider you just that, a friend.1 commentLeave a comment


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