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UEFI Linux w/ SSDs

This is partially some notes, and partially a guide to setting up a fully UEFI (though not Secure Boot enabled) Linux laptop, optimized for use with any and all SSD's including the most recently known details (as of January 2013) on how to get the best performance and endurance from consumer-grade SSD's, including minimizing I/O latency and allowing as many features of Linux as possible to work.

Note, however, that I am making one specific trade-off: I'm optimizing for a machine with 8+GB of memory, and an SSD under 100GB when we're done, so I'm not even attempting to add swap space or enable disk hibernation as a result.

This work was done to configure a Dell Latitude E6430 w/ 16GB of RAM, and a Samsung 840 Pro 120GB SSD. I must give Dell EXTREMELY high marks for their UEFI BIOS, BTW. It's the best I've seen for dealing with advanced setup and configuration and made this a breeze compared to my ThinkPad W530's BIOS.

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So... where the hell have I been lately?


I wish it was more complex than that, that I had some amazing thing to show for all this time busy besides more cash in the bank, but I don't.

I've had several projects I've been promising to work on, and they've all sat nearly 100% idle because I've been so run ragged I can't focus to code or work on anything detailed... I'd love a good old-fashioned night of physical exertion right now. And no, I'm not being subtle here... camping, wrenching on cars, hiking, sparring, BDSM, sex, a mix of the above, but something physical is what I crave lately that doesn't involve staring at a screen or sitting on my ass for hours.

As to why? That's simply. I haven't had two contiguous days off in around a month now.

I took two days off of work (last saturday/sunday) so I could rescue a friend by driving out to Las Vegas and back. 50+ hours sitting in a vehicle as a result across roughly 6 days. That was a big marker that got called in.

This weekend I've gotten called into work, opposite my normal shift of midnight->noon to cover someone for noon->midnight, so I'm basically losing this weekend as well. I've heard something about the earthquake in Japan, but I'm oddly detached from it... I just don't have the brain-power to spare to dedicate to that it seems.

This last Mon/Tues/Wed ended up spent almost entirely sleeping instead, and doing a crap-ton of chores like my own laundry and bedding that had been badly neglected until I realized my own bedding smelled funny, then (again) getting called in to help with something suddenly.

So... there goes the last 4 weeks of my life, and before that it's just way too much of a fucking blur at about the same tempo. And the annoying part to me is so much of it is tasks that simply force me to drop all my side-projects suddenly, without having a chance to explain why or schedule ways around my absenses, which hurts.

Help? =^.^=

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Writer's Block: Trick or treat

Do you plan to dress up this year? If so, who or what are you going to be?

I'll actually be running around as a werehyena, possibly for three nights in a row. =^.^=

I've made some 'ragged, burst-out-of clothing' to wear over my brown-hyena fursuit Split Paw, leaving the pockets intact on the remnants of the jeans so I have somewhere to store ID in case it's needed.

Friday evening, I'm going to a big-time local party that takes over the local central train station area for the evening, then heading in to work directly from there.

Saturday, I'm going to another party before work.

Sunday, once I get off work, I'm hanging around to tromp around the trick-or-treat areas around town as much as I can, hopefully with a friend driving around in their vehicle so I can bounce around more easilly from area to area.

I'll likely toss on my Cal-Trans-style reflective vest over everything else just to make sure I'm good and visible to cars when I'm outside, but otherwise just screwing around as a hyena as much as I can. =^.^=